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Quick Easter table decoration and centerpieces

Easter is a time for family get together. Special Easter lunches and dinner with family. If you are looking for some ideas for Easter table decoration, there is a lot of inspiration for you. From table layout, to interesting presentation and beautiful centerpieces. Easter will so much fun and really 'pretty' amazing!

Beautiful color combination, a golden egg and wild flowers..all indicate spring and Easter. Very pretty and elegant!

How cute is this, a little nest with a blue egg for each of the guest. Love the simplicity and effectiveness..the streaming sunlight makes it such a cheerful setting.

A hand drawn place name would make all your guests smile. Its so pretty and simple in execution, little waste and very home made. Love the vintage toy amongst the herbs, lovely!

Very chic and stylish. The flowers in the centerpiece hides a beautiful egg each. Interesting and simple craft.  Quick idea for a makeover before you open the wine.

 This looks so good, love the idea and effort. Impress your guests with a little creativity and see them gushing how pretty it all looks. A truly amazing presentation for Easter.

 Beautiful setting for a cozy dinner, love the flowers and the eggs as the centerpiece. Nothing too fancy yet the spring flowers make it look so festive. Very pretty.

One of my favourite! Simple punched out paper bunnies and decorations glued to eggs for the special effect. Really simple and classy.

A whole bunch of pretty decorated nests can make the setting look so cheerful. Vintage french look.

 Pretty pastel with wild flower and sugar coated almonds make for this lovely Easter table decoration.

 A very practical yet cheerful centerpiece for Easter. Lettuce bed and some lovely brown eggs. Inviting!

 Colorblock is so IN! Totally fashionable and fun..love the colorful dyes eggs and the pretty picture they make. Uber Stylish!

Easter centerpiece, without spending too much. Simple strung up multicolored eggs can look so pretty too. The red and cream theme is so sober and quite chic.

There is another post coming up with some cool, Easter table decorations. Check back for more inspiration !!