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Easter decoration and Crafts for kids :D

Easter is here, and those who are still looking to do something interesting and creative, this is a last minute update for some fantastic Craft ideas, easy do-it-yourself for your kids and also for some lovely home made wreaths for spring and Easter.

This is such a cute craft idea, simple yet adorable. Make one for each of your family member as a little pet, or decorate them as a display on your Easter table. Craft that is super cute !!

A totally adorable and super cute family of chicks. I found it online and was so impressed. Easy peasy craft and the best part you can serve it too ;)

Some lovely grass to hold your Easter egg ?? This is such a simple and easy craft and looks so pretty. A few shades of green colored paper, safety scissors and a flower punch. Beautiful results !!

Easter cannot be complete without an Easter egg hunt! These gorgeous paper bag baskets are easy to make, upcycled gift bags and so cute. Choose your own decorations and make one with your kids. Dollar craft can be so much fun too!

Spring Wreaths are so special and you can make a lovely Easter wreath yourself with some easy to do ideas. Be it floral or shabby chic or a cute bunch of eggs. The decorations here are quite easy for a crafty person.

Last minute solution for Easter table decor, a bag of foam eggs strung together, color them in any color to match your table display. Simple yet effective.

 This wreath is made of paper flowers and leaves, add craft wire for some backing to the leaves, use a glue gun and just stick them together. Dollar store craft which is simple and elegant too.

This wreath looks so impressive, but broken down its just a simple wreath, with a dollar store nest, some foam eggs and feathers and dried leaves and plastic/artificial flowers that you might already have. What makes it extra nice is how its done so tastefully. Inspiration for you :)

 A colorful cute wreath which is so fun! This wreath uses grass(artificial/real grass) wound around a basic wreath and add colorful bits and eggs and a cute little bunny to greet everyone on Easter. Love!!

  Super elegant and stylish, a beautiful mix of browns and easy patterns on it. Use an artificial creeper with small leaves, and wind it around. A little more delicate and time consuming, but spray gun, glue gun and quick drying paint can make it easy. Impress all your friends and family !! 

A shabby chic, country style wreath for you. A whole lot of air brushed/spray painted eggs in pastel, strung together on wire in two layers and topped with some golden straw. Delicate and beautiful. For the earthy girl.

Enjoy the Easter with your friends and family, lots of wishes and Happy Easter everyone !!